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Pluto Finance
» Mission:
Pluto Finance is a leading provider of bridging and residential development finance, backed by some of the world’s largest institutional investors. Our experienced team specialises in bringing their bespoke underwriting skills to larger, more complicated loans, with a focus on London and southern England. Pluto Finance provides excellent customer service, evidenced by the fact that over half our loan book is to repeat borrowers.
» Background:
Since our launch in 2011, Pluto Finance has funded over £1.5bn of bridging and residential development lending. Over time we have diversified our offering to include bridge lending as well as senior and stretch senior development finance – creating a true one-stop shop for property finance. With interest rates starting at 3.95% and the ability to lend up to 90% LTC, we have the most flexible range of lending products in the market today.
 Simon Chapman
Lending Director
t. 020 7442 2117
e. [email protected]
Greg Dunne
Lending Director
t. 020 7442 2110
e. [email protected]
Mario Ioannides
Associate Partner
t. 020 7442 2105
e. [email protected]
    Justin Faiz
t. 020 7442 2100
e. [email protected]
        9 Berkeley Street London
[email protected]
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