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Octopus Real Estate
» Mission:
Octopus Real Estate, part of Octopus Group, is a leading specialist real estate investor, with over
£2 billion in real estate assets and secured lending, and a highly experienced team of over 80 professionals. We focus on the property lending and healthcare sectors. The property lending team is a dedicated team providing bespoke, customer-focused financing solutions across the UK residential, commercial and development sectors. The team has lent more than £5 billion across over 3,800 loans, providing competitively priced financing throughout the UK and spanning the property investment lifecycle, with loans typically ranging from £100,000 to £50 million.
» Background:
We are a team of over 80 entrepreneurial and experienced professionals (or specialists) with a strong track record of delivering on behalf of investors and clients. We’re here for the long-term to partner with clients through uncertain times. We have a history of being an early mover into new, specialist sectors, creating expert teams and investment opportunities. Our team is multi-disciplined, combining leading, investment, development, operational and healthcare expertise. This unique combination gives us deep market insight and the ability to be agile in an increasingly uncertain world, from initial development stage through to long-term asset ownership and portfolio management. We lend at every stage of a building’s life, from land acquisition, through development to commercial or residential lets. Our expert commercial, residential and development teams work together to deliver value for clients, and fast tracking the lending process for those moving from product to product.
             33 Holborn London EC1N 2HT
Ludo Mackenzie
Head of Commercial
t. 020 7190 7794
e. [email protected]
Andy Scott
Head of Residential
t. 07912 280 673
e. [email protected]
D’mitri Zaprzala
Head of Residential
t. 07795 191 785
e. [email protected]
Dan Murray
Head of Sales
t. 0203 142 4080
e. [email protected]
[email protected]
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