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MT Finance
» Mission:
When your client needs a short-term loan, they need it to be fast, flexible, and stress-free – and at MT Finance we pride ourselves on delivering exactly that. Our streamlined process includes offers within two business hours and no lengthy application forms, allowing us to deliver funds exactly when, and how, your client needs them.
» Background:
Since we set up in 2008, our reputation in the market has excelled for delivering fit-for-purpose short-
term loans at speed.
Specialists in light and heavy refurbishment, property purchases and business investment, we offer first and second charge bridging loans up to 70% LTV of the open market value.
Terms are available from one to 24 months with no upfront fees, exit fees or ERCs, and loans are available to a variety of borrowers including first time investors, limited companies, expats and foreign nationals.
For a faster solution to your clients’ funding requirements, partner with MT Finance today.
 Christian Gugolz
South East/ London
m. 07460 753 466
e. [email protected]
Chris Parr
m. 07367 358 020
e. [email protected]
Richard Sherman
South West/ South Wales
m. 07366 144 697
e. [email protected]
Rory Cleary
m. 07309 718 034
e. [email protected]
            Holborn Tower London
[email protected]
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