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Ingenious Real Estate
» Mission:
Ingenious Real Estate provides stretch senior development and bridging finance to experienced developers with a strong track record. We listen to our clients’ needs and approach each request to lend on an individual basis. We use our expertise to deliver fast and bespoke financing solutions. Our flexible, pragmatic and commercial approach sets us apart from our peers.
We fund projects in London, the South East and locations with established demand regionally in the UK. Given our flexible approach, the criteria provided are guidance, rather than boxes to tick, so please do get in touch if something doesn’t quite ‘fit’.
» Background:
Launched in 2014, Ingenious Real Estate has grown significantly to a team of 12 with over 100 years of collective experience. We have deployed £500m, facilitating the development of over 2,500 homes. Since inception, we have increased our loan quantum up to £30m as well as increased our appetite geographically. We are members of the UK Green Building Council and are passionate about a sustainable future for development.
 Tom Brown
Head of real estate
t. 020 7319 4085
m. 07500 900 420
e. [email protected]
Michael Knox
Investment director
t. 020 7319 4298
m. 07920 255 495
e. [email protected]
Howard Sefton
Investment director
t. 020 7319 4253
m. 07960 916 550
e. [email protected]
          Ingenious 15 Golden Square
[email protected]
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