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Blend Network
» Mission:
FOCUS ON WHAT YOU DO BEST: YOU BUILD, WE FUND. Whether you are a property investor or a developer, funding shouldn’t be a hurdle on your way to achieving your goals. We are here to take care of the funding, so you can take care of what you do best: developing and building a successful property portfolio. Interested? Pick up the phone and call us directly to discuss your needs.
» Background:
Blend Network provides real estate development finance loans to property developers across the UK.
We don’t go through a tick-the-box exercise. If your project makes sense and you have the experience to deliver it, we should be able to help.
We can lend more than traditional lenders, both against the Gross Development Value (GDV) and the total project cost. Blend Network can give you the flexibility and leverage you need to succeed.
 Paul Watson
Head of Lending
t. 020 3409 3296
e. [email protected]
Morgan Sparrow
Lending Associate
t. 020 8037 4006
e. [email protected]
Barney Iles
Lending Manager
t. 020 8037 4010
e. [email protected]
Daniel Netzer
Lending Manager
t. 020 8037 4007
e. [email protected]
            58 Queen Anne Street London
[email protected]
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