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UK Bridging Loans
» Mission:
UK Bridging Loans provides quick, short-term finance for the property industry.
We don’t aim to be the cheapest but provide a highly efficient, flexible, common sense, equity and exit biased approach (often completing in days) that enables us to lend when many in our sector won’t!
All cases are taken on their own merit, regardless of age, credit, residential status, security and so on.
» Background:
Our team have many years of high-volume broking and lending experience. We target areas not readily
covered by the bulk of our industry. Our USPs are:
• 2nd charge lending prior to receipt of 1st charge consent
• Free legals on most refinancing
• 2nd charge lending when a 1st charge bridging loan or equity release mortgage is in place • 3rd charge possibilities
• Flexible valuation options
• Credit issues reviewed sympathetically
• Foreign nationals welcome
• Land (including agricultural) and all buildings accepted as security
 Jade Hands
Office Manager
t. 0116 366 6338
e. [email protected]
Lisa Gamlin
Sales Advisor
t. 0116 366 6338
e. [email protected]
2 Nursery Court Kibworth Business Park Leicester
Luke Hosea
Sales Manager
t. 0116 366 6338
e. [email protected]
Tim Aston
Sales Advisor
t. 0116 366 6338
e. [email protected]
[email protected]
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