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Ronoco Capital
» Mission:
Ronoco provides a fast and flexible partnership approach to bridging lending. Funded by property investors and developers, we pride ourselves on our ability to make immediate decisions followed
by quick closing times due to our internal funding capabilities. We are a flexible partner looking at leverage, structure and return on a deal-by-deal basis with no strict requirements. Ronoco will always look to structure a facility tailored to suit your needs.
» Background:
Ronoco is privately funded by experienced property investors, who have invested hundreds of millions into mixed-use opportunities across London and Southern England over the last 50 years. Ronoco has in-depth experience in these markets to partner with borrowers to provide fast and flexible funding solutions.
Whilst Ronoco specialises in residential development land, we will fund opportunities across the living, commercial and alternative sectors. With our development expertise, we understand opportunities at all stages of planning and pre-planning. As a private company which is internally funded, we offer a streamlined lending experience with no red tape or rigorous approvals process.
Ronoco specialises in first-charge loans, but we consider second-charge or joint-venture equity participation through the development process. We offer competitive terms; however, we differentiate ourselves on complex or unique opportunities where traditional banks and institutionally funded lenders lack understanding or flexibility.
 Mark O’Connor
m. 07970 246 837
e. [email protected]
      Granard Business Centre Bunns Lane
[email protected]
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