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Apex Bridging
» Mission:
Apex Bridging are Below Market Value specialists in short-term property loans for individuals and companies. We pride ourselves on being easy to deal with, constantly available and flexible. There are no hidden fees to worry about and we will lend up to 100% of the purchase price, helping you maximise ROI. We help individuals and companies to invest in property with very little of their own money required, enabling to grow their portfolios faster.
Speak directly to the decision maker to keep things simple. Apex Bridging typically releases funding within seven days of your loan being approved.
» Background:
Apex has been lending for 8 years now and has its roots firmly in the property sector. As part of the successful HBB Relocations Services Ltd family, we know property: how to value, buy and sell it, and, most importantly, how to lend on it. Our track record and property expertise means we are happy to lend on market value (OMV), not purchase price which is especially useful for BMV purchases. We have the experience in helping hundreds of brokers and developers get the finance they need, when they need it.
 Sonia Shortland
Managing Director
t. 01509 680 053
m. 07585 327 532
e. [email protected]
Catherine Pietersen
t. 01509 648 672
e. [email protected]
Sarah Barker
t. 01509 680 073
e. [email protected]
          1 The Cornerstone Market Place Kegworth
DE74 2EE
[email protected]
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