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» Mission
BloomSmith is a unique, specialist VAT loan provider focused exclusively on the UK real estate market. It lends unsecured without the requirement of a charge on the property and with its fast-track service is able to meet VAT obligations for its customers within five days. It offers brokers introductory fees and prides itself on its reputation with both owner occupiers and investor/developers. It is recognised by all of the leading senior lenders in the UK market.
» Background
BloomSmith is a specialist finance company established in 2013 to provide funding for property
buyers’ VAT payments on property acquisitions.
Our team will guide you and your client through the process, provide an unsecured facility for the client (i.e. the buyer) to have the VAT paid directly to the vendor at the point of purchase.
We manage the entire VAT registration and repayment process with HMRC on behalf of your client.
There are no complications for the client’s mortgage lender, as there are no additional security requirements attaching to the property title.
We do not need any security over the property (which might interfere with a senior lender’s mortgage covenants) but personal guarantees are required from the SPV’s director(s), which fall away as soon as HMRC provides the full refund.
 Peter Bloom
t. 020 3488 3411
m. 07766 271340
Matthew Hill
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3 Astwood Mews London
Nigel Smith
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